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Full text of "XBOX Manual: Halo 2 (2004)(Microsoft)(US)[covenant cover]"

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Throw Grenade 

E-brake (Warthog) 

Boost (Vehicles) 

Crouch (Click) 

Pause Game 

Fire Weapon 







Switch Weapons 

Melee Attack 

Swap Grenades 

Active Camo 

Zoom Scope (Click) 






1 1 



0904 Part No. X1 0-62678 


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^L1 V< 



k * 


1 ^ 

1 n V / 

^ ~ 

^ J LI 




1 §1a 4 v 

1 ¥ * 







About Photosensitive Seizures 

A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual 
images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games. Even people who 
have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these 
"photosensitive epileptic seizures" while watching video games. 

These seizures may have a variety of symptoms, including lightheadedness, altered vision, eye or 
face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, confusion, or momentary loss of 
awareness. Seizures may also cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from 
falling down or striking nearby objects. 

Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. Parents 
should watch for or ask their children about the above symptoms — children and teenagers are more 
likely than adults to experience these seizures. 

The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by sitting farther from the television 
screen, using a smaller television screen, playing in a well-lit room, and not playing when you are 
drowsy or fatigued. 

If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a doctor before playing. 



doctor before playing. 

Other Important Health and Safety Information The Xbox Instructs 
health and safety information that you should read and understand be 

Avoid Damage to Your Television 

:ontains important 

Do not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially front- or rear-projection types, 
can be damaged if any video games, including Xbox games, are played on them. Static images 
presented during the normal course of gameplay may "burn in" to the screen, causing a permanent 
shadow of the static image to appear at all times, even when video games are not being played. 
Similar damage may occur from static images created when placing a video game on hold or pause. 
Consult your television owner's manual to determine if video games can be played safely on your set. 
If you are unable to find this information in the owner's manual, contact your television dealer or the 
manufacturer to determine if video games can be played safely on your set. 

Report on the Atrocity at Halo 2 

Updated Intelligence on Human Weapons and Tactics 3 

Our Numbers Deployed on the Human World 4 

Controller 6 

Sangheili Battle Suit 8 

Battle Tactics 9 

Noble Tools of Conquest 1 

Primitive Implements of War 1 3 

Covenant Vehicle Deployment 1 6 

Human Ground Vehicles 1 8 

Settings 20 

Multi player Basics 21 

Xbox Live 24 

Gaming with Friends! 26 

Multi player Strategy 28 29 

Credits 30 

Warranty 32 

Technical Support 33 

Choose your weapon, find your friends, save the Earth! 

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To the Prophet of Truth 

Most high and honored Prophet: It is with greatest shame that I lay myself before 
the judgment of the Council. I expect and will accept no mercy. My failure in this 
matter is absolute; I embrace my responsibility and my punishment. 

The disgrace and blasphemy at Halo was an abomination caused by my 
incompetence and failure of judgment. Although the tales and rumors of 
the Demon have basis in fact, much of this talk is Unggoy superstition and 
exaggeration. Certainly the Demon, a Human, activated a catastrophic engine- 
failure sequence on the crashed Human vessel, but it was allowed to do so 
because of failures in security and tactics for which I bear full responsibility. 

I have no good news to relay, but the Human action was suicidal, either by 
accident or design. I believe none escaped the catastrophe. 

As ever, Jiralhanae accounts of the conflict are unreliable and their accounts of 
this Human's abilities and actions are absurd. No Human is capable of the things 
they gossip and chatter about. I suspect panic and excuse, as well as confusion 
caused by the spread of the parasite. 

The Human in question is certainly unusual, although not the creature it has been 
described as. It stands taller than most, is faster and more aggressive, but still 
irrevocably a Human animal, worthy of neither fear nor respect. It is merely an 
exception that proves the rule. As always, Humans remain beneath our contempt. 
Their failure at Reach compounds their defeat. We sense that their defenses are 
failing rapidly. I have gathered information on the Human's armor, abilities, and 
weapons, which follows this report. 

Perhaps more worrisome is the discovery and subsequent conflict with the 
parasite on Halo. This monstrosity festered, rotted, and waited on the Holy 
World, and although we cannot be sure, the Humans may have released it from 
its shackles. I do not presume to know the unknowable, but I suspect that the 
Forerunners meant this filth to stay imprisoned forever. The sacred grace of Halo 
was polluted before it was destroyed. 

— Supreme Commander, Fleet of Particular Justice 


Most high and honored Council, according to records gleaned from the conflict 

were most numerous on I 
Human troops. It appears 

These Spartans may be machine-enhanced. They are certainly well-versed in 
armed and unarmed combat, and in many ways they fight more like Sanghei 
than Unggoy. And like the Sangheili, they are able to inspire discipline and 
tenacity among their weaker ranks. 

Their primitive weapons and vehicles rely almost 

exclusively on projectiles and explosive 

chemicals. As ancient as their 

technology seems, it has B^ 

occasionally caught our 

troops off guard. 

Casualties cause 

by unprepared 

infantry are 


They should be bette 

educated in Human 

methods, tactics and 

technology. A comparison 

of these devices and our 

current weaponry follows. 



Council: The Human home world is a primitive mix of cluttered angular dwellings, 
open bodies of water, and some purposeless agricultural areas. It has little logic 
in layout or structure, and its warrens of slum and rock will make for challenging 
battles. Our mission is such that we cannot simply level these structures, and so 
wp shall Hpninv a wide range of general fighters and specialists to ensure our task 
ib Lumpieieu wun speed, purpose, and accuracy. 


Stout and numerous, the Unggoy long have been the 
lifeblood of our Covenant's infantry. They will obey 
any order in the service of their duty and fight well 
with plasma pistol, turret, or in vehicles. Unggoy wi" 
as ever fight well with their comrades the Kig-yr 
and obey the directives of the Sangheili. 


Slight of buila as iney are, ine Mg-yar remain a 
valuable fighting force. Excellent shots, and with their 
shields nearly invulnerable, the Kig-yar offer a great 
tactical advantage in ground combat. Faster and 
taller than the Unggoy, they complement each other 
very well. 


The Lekgolo pairs 

deployed in many( 

sewer of a world, ana so iney win oe given 

specialized missions. We will station them at 

defensive points as we gain territory, and bring them 

in for heavy destruction. Their fuel rod guns and 

sheer ability to inspire fear will be invaluable. 


Our iron heart — the ideal fighter for this mission. 
My brothers. The Sangheili will be deployed across 
every rank, from simple soldier to Elite Commander. 
They thirst for Human blood and vengeance for the 
atrocity at Halo, and their loyalty is unquestioned. 
Excellent infantrymen and superb commanders, A 
the Sangheili are proficient with most weapons and 
vehicle systems. W 


^^k. iivT^H 


The newest ally to join the embrace of our flock 
is a powerful fighter indeed. The Jiralhanae are 
endowed with prodigious physical strength, and 
their simian origin makes them ideal for missions 
in any environment. We shall deploy them against 
Humans in the same instances as the Sangheili, but & 
we may also give the Jiralhanae some increased 
security responsibilities in this conflict. W 





Suited for flig. 

the Yanme'e win oea vaiuaoie inclusion 10 our 
forces. The Humans are unused to fighting aerial 
infantry. The Yanme'e will use their ability to fly to 
gain ground and provide accurate cover fire for 
other troops. 


Our guiding light and the directors of our purpose. 
They are father to the children of our Covenant, 
and they will lead us to truth and to perfection. The 
Prophets of Truth, Mercy, and Regret will navigate us 
through the task that awaits us. 

Throw Grenade 

E-brake (Warthog) 

Boost (Vehicles) 

Crouch (Click) 

Score ^^^ 

/ • x 

Pause Game 

p. , 

Settings ■"" 

^ /, 

through Menus 


^k ^k. 

Fire Left 

Fire Right 

Dual Wield 






Switch Weapons 

Melee Attack 


- Swap Grenades 

■ Active Camo 
Team Chat 

Zoom Scope (Click) 


Move Fc 




Strafe *A f 

^ . Aim Up 

Lef t/Riaht ^ 



Aim Dow 


Move Backward 






Sangheili armor features an upgraded HUD system tied dire 
and integrated fully with the suit. 

The HUD is capable of cross-referencing temperature readings to track charge- 
depletion status on all Covenant weapons. It also tracks the ammunition status of 
all Human weapons should they be used. 

Weapon Indicators 

Sangheili armor can monitor the status of two weapons simultaneously. A left- 
wielded weapon and ammo display on the left of the HUD; right-hand or single- 
use weapons display on the far-right portion of the HUD. When a single weapon is 
wielded, status on your grenade types displays on the left side. Since a Sangheili 
warrior can keep a third weapon in reserve, this is also indicated on the right side. 

Motion Tracker 

Indicates relative whereabouts of allies and hostile combatants. Motion tracker 
is tuned to detect aggressive or obvious motion and cannot show location of 
stationary or slow-moving hostiles. 

Shield Indicator 

A bar above motion tracker. Solid purple indicates optimal state. 

Warning Indicators 

These display below your reticle to provide valuable information. 

Getting Started 

The player profile defines your control settings, your character's appearance, voice 
options, and some Xbox Live settings. You can alter your settings at any time by 
choosing Settings from the Main Menu, and then selecting Player Profile. 

To create a new player profile, press START from the Start screen, then select 
Create New Profile. Type a profile name using the virtual keyboard, and then 
press START again. 

Main Menu 

From the Main Menu, select Campaign to begin a solo or cooperative game. 
Select Xbox Live, Split Screen, or System Link to start a multiplayer game. Select 
Settings to customize player profiles or modify game types. 


You can play a campaign as a single player in a solo campaign or with a friend in 
a cooperative campaign. You play a cooperative campaign in split screen mode. 
A campaign is associated with a player profile. To start a new campaign, you need 
to create a new player profile. 

To start a solo campaign, select Campaign from the Main Menu. Select New 
Campaign, select a difficulty, and then press ® • 

To start a co-op campaign, select Campaign from 1 
then select Cooperative. Both players neec' ' 
then press®. 

» Main Menu, and 
a player profile and 

Saving Progress and Loading a Level 

Your progress in a campaign is saved automatically at specific checkpoints 
throughout a game level. To continue a campaign from your last saved 
checkpoint, select Campaign from the Main Menu, and then select Resume. 
To load a specific level, select Campaign, and then select Select Level. You can 
select only levels you've already conquered. 

10 No Battery No Grenades 


Most Supreme Council: The Human environment is unique and as such, provides 
unique challenges to our infantry. We shall therefore deploy specialized weapon 
sets to cope with this mix of open-field and close-quarters fighting. The following 
weapons will be supplied to ground-based troops. Some of these weapons you 
can dual-wield, enabling you to use them simultaneously. To dual-wield, press and 
hold to pick the secondary weapon, use the Left and Right triggers to fire. 

Plasma Pistol (dual wield) 

Rate of Fire. 

420-600 rounds per minute. 

Standard-issue firearm of lesser Uny y i 
flexible and useful tool, wielded corre< 
bursts of plasma decimate shielding, s. .*,«.« ,, .- 
user hold trigger closed. Shorter bursts can be 
fired rapidly and repeatedly. Charge depletes in 
difficult battlefield situations. Once energy core 
has completely discharged, weapon is usele" 

Plasma Rifle (dual wield) 

Favored by Sangheili but available throughout 
military, Plasma Rifle makes excellent mid- 
range weapon. Powerful, light, and deadly in 
capable hands. Fires super-heated plasma bolts 
in automatic or semi-automatic fashion. Limited 
power supply is only weakness. Once energy core 
has completely discharged, weapon is useless. 

Covenant Carbine 

Using very high-speed radioactive ammunition, 
highly flexible and accurate rifle. Best used at 
medium distances against Human opponents, 
features a digital visual enhancer, doubling 
magnification of chosen targets. 

Ammo Capacity: 

36 rounds per magazine. 


Particle Beam Rifle 

Excellent choice for long-< ' 

beam, shot to head guarantees success against 
shielded or unshielded target. Rifle has digital 
visual enhancer, with two levels of magnification 
for mid- to long-distance targeting. 

Ammo Capacity: 

30 rounds per magazine. 

Needier (dual wield) 

Although of limited use aga 

vehicles, a dangerous weapc 

pain on targets as barbs erupt explosively in flesh 

Concentrated grouping of quills kills most Human 

quickly. Slight ricochet effect means it should be 

wielded carefully. 

Brute Shot 

rapid succession — a string of four before reload 
required. Very short fuse allows skilled marksmen 
to deflect grenades off of hard surfaces to reach 
covered targets. 

Ammo Capacity: 

4 rounds per belt. 



Length: 3 feet. 

1 Covenant Energy Sword 

| Noble and ancient weapon, wielded by strongest 
of Sangheili, requires great skill and bravery to 
use, and inspires fear in those who face its elegant 
plasma blade. Energy sword not to be used by 
those of ignoble rank, under any circumstances. 
Press (§) for regular melee attack, and pull Right 

- trigger for basic undercut attack. Or wait until 
reticle turns red to lock on an enemy, then pull 

1 Right trigger to perform a fatal lunge attack. 


Ammo Caps 

5 rounds per 


clip. I 

1 Fuel Rod Gun 


Fuel Rod Gun is a useful infantry tool, designed tc 
be used against smaller vehicles and personnel. 
Radioactive ammunition renders it particularly 
effective against Human ground forces. Optical 
zoom facility makes it accurate as well as powerfi 



r -*~s 






k . ™ 

Radius: 30 feet. 

Plasma Grenade 

Most commonly used thrown explosive in our 
arsenal is flexible and powerful plasma device. 
Intelligent-adherence quality rewards accurate 
thrower, and has proven itself especially useful 
when attempting to halt or destroy Human 
vehicles. Adheres firmly to Human epidermal laye 
Slow fuse allows thrower three seconds to retreat 




Great Council: Human weapons are primitive, mostly chemical and projectile 
in nature, but some are effective nonetheless. Our reliance on and expectation 
of energy-based weapons means that we may need to adjust our strategy 
when faced with the Human devices. However, the simplistic nature of Human 
weapons makes them open to analysis. Covenant weapons are always superior, 
but when faced with a choice of wielding no weapon or a Human weapon, our 
forces should acquire the nearest weapon at hand — even if Human. A basic 
understanding of how these primitive weapons work is important so that we may 
use these weapons to our advantage. 

M6C Pistol (dual wield) 

Almost laughably weak in most circumstances; 
however, Human pistol fires metallic projectiles 
which can be dangerous when fired very 
accurately. Often used as last resort by 
desperate Humans and one of their least 
threatening devices. Features no visual targeting 
enhancement and can be fired just 1 2 times 
before physical reload is required. 


Ammo Capacity: 

1 2 rounds per magazine. 

BR55 Rifle j 

Accurate, reasonably powerful, and carries 
large number of small explosive-fired metallic 
projectiles. Fires burst of 3 projectiles. Battle Rifle 
has optical visual enhancement, doubling the 
magnification of chosen targets. 



Ammo Capacity: 

36 rounds per magazine. 




M7/Caseless Sub Machine Gun 
(SMG) (dual wield) 

Reliance on explosive chemical percussion makes 
its performance erratic and apparently difficult to 
control. Kinetic energy causes inaccurate firing. 
But sheer number of projectiles makes it a more 
difficult obstacle to infantry. 

Ammo Capacity: 

60 rounds per magazine. 


N Mil 

Ammo Capacity: 

4 rounds per magazine 

Ammo Capacity: 

2 102mm shaped-charged 

S2 AM Sniper Rifle 

Using gas pressure as mod 
acceleration, very high-pow 
aerodynamically assisted projectiles made of ven 
hard metal. Long barrel ensures true and accurat< 
aim, penetrates all flesh. Direct strike to head kills 
energy-shielded infantry. Has 2 levels of digital 
visual enhancer, to increase the magnificatio 
chosen targets. 

Ml 9 SSM Rocket Launcher 

Surprisingly effective and somewhat admire 
fires missiles containing chemical explosive t 
can track moving vehicles. Effective even against 
Lekgolo. Launcher has digital visual enhancer, 
doubling magnification of chosen targets. Reticle 
indicator denotes when launcher has locked on 

M90 Shotgun 

Long-barreled weapo 
into each shot fired. S 

while useless at any reasonable distance, is quit 
powerful at close range. In warrens of dwellinc 
where we must fight, must be taken seriously. 
Humans must manually pump to refresh firing 

M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade 

Chemical explosive contained within hard casing. 
Operates on impact-activated timed fuse. When 
thrown by Human, fuse activates as it strikes 
object. However, grenade has no adherence ability 
and bounces unpredictably. Explosive radius and 
ability to inflict harm not to be underestimated. 

Radius: 1 5-30 feet. 

M41 LAAG (vehicle mounted) 

i ne most commonly encounierea w€ 
the Human "Warthog" vehicle, this projectile 
firing weapon uses chemical percussion to fire 
projectiles at a high rate of speed and frequency. 
Simple but effective technology. 

M68 Gauss Cannon 
(vehicle mounted) 

This curious Human weap 
magnetic-coil technology, but to accelerate 
primitive, though effective, projectiles at incredibly 
high speeds. Very effective and destructive against 
energy shielding. Not as effective against multiple 
ground forces. 

Ammo Capacity: 



vehicles to expedite caref 

areful incursion into Human territory. These are best 
n " wltw ™ A atmosphere. Mission requires additional troop 
v. ,u,„u ,w deploy massive numbers of localized infantry. 

oosted Gravity 
Propulsion Drive 

Armament: Twin Plasma Cannons 
(100-250 kW range) 

Standard individual battle/transport vehicle, has proven itself in thousands of 
sorties and functions well in this environment. Boost facility, which temporarily 
diverts power from twin plasma cannons and steering modifiers, achieves very 
high speeds on this planet. Pull Left trigger to boost speed. 



Propulsion D 

Armament: Twin Plasma Cannons 

Secondary Weapon System: 

Fuel Rod Cannon 

Although slow, Banshee is highly maneuvera 

Ability to loop and barrel-roll makes it a challenging and sli| 

Human ground emplacements. Twin plasma cannons and single fuel rod cannon 

make it a formidable vehicle for strafing, bombing, and reconnaissance. 


Propulsion: _ 

Propulsion Drive 

Armament: Plasma Mortar and 2 
Auto-firinq Plasma Cannons 

Heavily armed with ballistic plasma cannon, Wraith makes an excellent first-strike 
ground assault vehicle, as useful against structures and vehicles as it is against 
individual infantry. Thanks to considerable mass, Wraith is slow, and a boost 
function assists overall maneuverability. 


Propulsion: Boosted Gr 
Propulsion Drive 

Armament: Plasma Cannon 

Multi-troop armored transport is small and maneuverable to travel with ease in 
Human dwelling areas. Can carry pilot and gunner; 2 passengers may ride on the 
flanks. However, relatively low speed makes it vulnerable to attack. Rear-mounted 
plasma cannon provides ample discouragement to most Humans, but best 
employed in end-of-battle scenarios. 


Propulsion: E 

Propulsion Driv^ 

Armament: Plasma Cannon 

Most flexible ground-based troop transport, capable of delivering multiple armed 
troops quickly and efficiently. Can hold driver, gunner, and up to 8 occupants, 
depending on type and relative size of infantry, but Shadow is outfitted to carry 
Jiralhanae, Sangheili, Unggoy, and Kig-yar. 


Council: In some ways more primitive than their weaponry, Human vehicles must 
be taken seriously nonetheless. Usually armed, and considering their wheeled 
limitations, remarkably agile, Human vehicles have been designed for this 
precise terrain. Specifications on these vehicles were simple to find in public and 
encrypted datastreams. We have gleaned little that we had not already assumed. 



f ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

■^ .-. l M12WarthogLRV 

CREW: 1+1 (plus one more in rear) 

Weight: 3.25 tons 

Armament: 12.7mm three-barreled 
machine gun 

M808B Scorpion MBT 

Occupancy: 1 Human o 
cyborg pilot 

Main gun: 90mm high-velocity 

Secondary/coaxial gun: 7.62mm 
AP-T (Armor Piercing Tracer) 

Heavy, slow, but nonetheless powerful, Human tank capal 
and aerial targets. Combination of guns — large, single-projectile cannon anc 
secondary coaxial weapon firing a rapid stream of metallic projectiles — mak( 
primary target. Heavily armored and difficult to destroy. 

Well-armed and highly maneuverable, the only Human vehicle that can match 
Ghost in tight quarters. Can carry 3 occupants, one of whom mans turret- 
mounted projectile weapon. Fires very high density of super-sonic metallic 
projectiles. Quite fast, can be forced into tight maneuvers using mechanical/ 
magnetic braking system. To power-slide, pull the Left trigger for the E-brake. 


Ifyou'reclosetoa slow-moving or stationary vehicle, press and hold (X) to 
board that vehicle. It's possible to board from the front, rear, and side of a 
vehicle — and above one if you jump carefully. Boarding allows you overtake 
the driver, passenger, and even gunner seat of most vehicles. 


CREW: 1 +1 (plus one more in rear) 

Weight: 3.5 tons 

Armament: 25mm Gauss Cannon 

entical in every respect to other Human personnel transport variants, except for 
turret-mounted magnetic-accelerator cannon. Fires single penetrating round at 
very high speed. Effect on shielding and armor must be respected. 


Use the Settings menu to customize a player profile or create a set of rules for a 
multiplayer game type. 

Player Profiles 

You can have a number of different customizable player profiles. Change a 
profile's name, modify the controller settings, edit the multiplayer characteristics 
for a profile, or delete a player profile. To create or edit a player profile, select 
Settings from the Main Menu, then select Player Profiles. 

Changing the Control Layout 

You can change the control layout for each player profile to better suit your style, 
including the button scheme and the speed at which you look around. A number 
of people choose to invert their controls. This means that when you push the 
Right thumbstick forward, you look down, and when you pull it back, you look up. 
Experiment to find which combination works best for you. 

To change the control layout, select Controls from the Edit Profile screen. You 
can also modify your layout in a campaign or a multiplayer game by pressing 
START to bring up the Game Menu. 

Changing the Appearance of Your Multiplayer Character 

To customize the appearance of your character in multiplayer games, select 
Appearance from the Edit Profile menu. You can choose either a Spartan or a 
Covenant Elite, set primary and secondary colors, and design a custom player 


Game Variants 

Every type of multiplayer game has a set of rules called a variant. You can 
modify the rules for a game you've created by creating a custom game variant. 
To customize a game variant, select Settings from the Main Menu. To use a 
variant that you've created, go to Game Setup in the Game Lobby and select 
Change Rules. 


Halo 2 multiplayer enables friends to find one another, to game together, and to 
move throughout the Halo 2 world as a group. You can play multif 
with your friends via Split Screen, System Link, and over the X 

Split Screen 

With split-screen play, you can compete 
side, on a single console. To start a split-* 
the Main Menu. 

game, select Split Screen from 

System Link 

With system-link play, you can connect two Xbox consoles with an Xbox system- 
link cable, or up to 1 6 Xbox consoles using an Ethernet hub. For more information 
on how to do this, see your Xbox console Instruction Manual. To host or join a 
system-link game, select System Link from the Main Menu. 

Xbox Live 

With the Xbox Live service, you can play a multiplayer game with people from all 
over the world, and you can download new Halo 2 maps . To play an Xbox Live 
multiplayer game, select Xbox Live from the Main Menu (see pg. 24 for details). 

Game Lobbies 

In order to play any type of multiplayer game, you need to go through a game 
lobby. A game lobby is the gathering place to meet and talk to friends, start a 
game, or join a game. 

In the Pregame Lobby you can set up a game; you also can customize your game 
map and options there, and start a co-op campaign in split-screen play. 

When you play a system link game, go to the Available Games screen to create a 
new game or join an available game. 

Game Types 

There are seven multiplayer game types. Each game type has a number of built-in 
variants that create different rules for a game. The Slayer game type has a regular 
variation called "SI aye r,""Team Slayer,""Rockets,"and so forth. You also can create a 
custom variant for a game type to create your own rules for a game 

> Slayer: Kill the most opponents. 

> Capture the Flag: Score the most points by capturing the other team's flag and 
bringing it back to your team's base. 

> Assault: Score the most points by carrying, arming, and dropping your team's 
bomb in the other team's base. 

> King of the Hill: Control the hill for the longest time. 

> Oddball: Find the ball and hold on to it for the longest time. 

> Juggernaut: Only the Juggernaut can win — and if you are the Juggernaut, 
everyone is out to get you. 

> Territories: Earn the most time by finding and controlling territories on 
the map. 


A map is a self-contained game level designed specifically for multiplayer games. 
Most maps are based on variations of specific campaign levels in Halo 2. Maps 
come in different sizes and have different types of buildings, scenery, etc. Large 
maps work well when you have a lot of people. Some maps have objects with 
which you can interact. Press (X) to interact with an object. You can use any game 
type with any map. 

Voice Proximity 

When playing System Link and Xbox Live games, you can hear other players' 
voices. In Halo 2, the louder the players' voices, the closer they are to you on 
a map. When they're softer, they're farther away. Use this to help determine 
another player's proximity. Be careful though — nearby enemies can hear you 
talking as well. 

If you have an Xbox Communicator, you can use voice to direct your team. You 
can tap the White button to engage your radio and talk to your team, no matter 
where they are on a map. The radio will remain open until you stop talking. 

Multiplayer HUD M 

The multiplayer HUD adds the Multiplayer Scoreboard, which shows the score of 
the leading player or team above your score. If you are the leader, the score of the 
second-place team or player is shown underneath. It is located on the lower-right 
side of the the screen. Hold down the BACK button to see more extensive scores. 

Multiplayer Warning Indicators 

There are several additional warning indicators that show up below your reticle in 
multiplayer games — these are valuable. 

1 A A A A 

M mm^M m^M ■■■ ESS 

1 Bomb Dropped Flag Dropped Enemy has Bomb Enemy has Flag 


Waypoints are HUD elements used to indicate status on objects in your field 
of view. Pay attention to the waypoints in team games and in objective-based 
games like CTF and Assault. 

^ , 

W Friends Waypoints 

II 4 1 $ S) 

Friend Firing Taking Fire Killed Talking 

*# #* *># 

Has Oddball Has Bomb Has Flag 

M ~. . . 

Objective Waypoints 

1 1 ^ 9 # ^ ♦;♦ 

Capture the Flag Oddball Assault King of the Hill Territory 

Y * # 
S ^ ^ ^ 

Objective Dropped Flag Dropped Oddball Dropped Bomb 


Xbox Live! 

Take Halo 2 Beyond the Box 

Xbox Live is a high-speed or broadband Internet gaming community where you 
can create a permanent gamer identity, set up a friends list with other players, 
see when they're online, and receive invitations to play games. For games with 
multiplayer mode, invite your friends to play and talk to them in real time while 
you play. For games with downloadable content, download new items such as 
levels, missions, weapons, vehicles, and more to your Xbox console. 


Before you can use the Xbox Live service, you need to connect your Xbox console 
to a high-speed or broadband Internet connection and sign up for the Xbox Live 
service. To determine if Xbox Live is available in your region and for information 
about connecting, go to 

Matchmade Game 


Quickmatch picks a random game type, 
start having fun against players with a si 

, and the fastest service for you tc 


Choose a matchmaking playlist and you'll get matched with other players who 
select that same playlist and have similar skill levels. They will also be players 
who have the optimal connection speed to provide you with the best possible 


The outcome of a Quickmatch game or an OptiMatch game affects your Halo 2 
Xbox Live level for a particular playlist. For each type of playlist, you can earn a 
different level. As you get better at a playlist, your level increases. The more you 
play, the better chance you have of playing a player in a similar skill level. 

Custom Game 

You can play a game with a specific player, a Party of " 

A Custom Game is a private game that you must invite other players to join (see 
pg. 26 for details). To create a Custom Game, select Create Party, and then select 
Game Setup to configure the game. When everyone in your Party is ready, select 
Start Game. 

Note: A Custom Game has no effect on any of your Xbox Live Halo 2 levels. 

Create Party 

You can create a Party to game as a group (see pg. 26 for details). 

Xbox Communicator 

Keep track of your Clan, taunt opponents, or yell at your buddy who doesn't 
have a clue what "stay put" means. See the instructions that came with your Xbox 
Communicator for more information. 

Xbox Live Guests 

You can have up to three additional guests play a custom game with you 
on your Xbox console in split-screen mode. Select Xbox Live from the Main 
Menu, then press ® and select a player profile. 

Xbox Live Stats 

You can compare your stats to other players' worldwide. For even more detailed 
stats info, go to on the web. 



people you meet online. With an Xbox Live account, you can access your Xbox Live 
Friends list to play Halo 2 multiplayer games. You can also create a Party, which is 
a temporary group of friends for a session of Xbox Live multiplayer gaming. And 
you can create a group of players to form a Clan. 

Friends List 

When you sign into your Xbox Live account, the Friends list is available in Halo 2. 
You can press % at any time to bring up the Friends list. Or you can press START 
in a campaign or multiplayer game, and then press© to access the Friends list. 
Use the Friends list to see friends, Clan information, and a list of players you've 
recently played against. 


You can add up to 1 00 other gamers to your Friends list. Send a text or a voice 
message to a friend, send a Party invite, or remove a friend from your list. The 
Status column shows you who is online, who is in your Party, and the current 
Party Leader. 


The Clans tab lists all the players in your Clan so you can send them messages. 
You can create, join, or leave a clan from the Clans tab. 

Players List 

The Players List displays all current players and up to 100 of the most recent 
players you've competed with or against. You can view player profiles, send text 
or voice messages, provide feedback about what kind of players they are, or invite 
them to be a friend. 

playing an OptiMatch or a Custom Game together on ine adox Live service, n s 
like being on a virtual couch with people from all over the world as you travel 
throughout the Halo 2 universe. 

Create a Party 

To create a Party, select Create Party from the Xbox Live screen, then send out 
your party invitations! Press in the Pregame Lobby to bring up your friends 
list, highlight the friend you want to invite, and then press ® to send a Party 
invite. Friends who join your Party appear in the Pregame Lobby. 

As the Party Leader, it's up to you where you take your Party. To see where you 
can take your Party, select Game Setup from the Pregame Lobby. When you 
move between games, you can bring your Party with you. 

Note: Parties are session-based, so when everyone logs out, the Party comes to an end. 


A Clan is a semi-permanent organization of Halo 2 players on the Xbox Live 
service. Each Clan can have up to 1 00 members, but you can be a member of only 
one Clan at a time. To create, join, or leave a Clan, press #, and then go to the 
Clans tab on the Friends List. 

Clan levels are based on the entire clan. Clans are organized into four roles: 
Overlord, Staff, Member, and Peon. A Clan must have at least one Overlord. 
Everyone who joins a Clan is made a Member by default. 

To read more about your Clan, go to (see pg. 29 for details). 


Individual Strategy 

When you play as an individual player, it's important to manage your two 
different weapons correctly. Try to carry a long-range (such as a Battle Rifle) and 
short-range weapon (such as a Shotgun). Make sure you've always got a few 
grenades. Running backwards and throwing grenades is a great defensive move 
when another player surprises you in a map. Use dual wielding in tight spaces at 
short range, and vehicles when outdoors. Try boarding another player's vehicle. 
A successful boarding ejects the player from their seat. Move slowly by crouch- 
walking if you want to stay invisible on other players' motion trackers. Also, don't 
charge through the front door. Use a little stealth and planning. 

Team Strategy 

Teams that are successful are teams that coordinate — and communicate — well 
with each other. 

> Use voice to direct your team. You can tap the White button to engage your 
radio and talk to your team no matter where they are on the map. Be careful 
though — nearby enemies can hear vnu talkinn as wpIL 

> Manage your team's weapon selection. 
?t and someone on a Sniper Rifle. 

am Slayer, put someone on i 

, ,, .« out what your teammates are good at and let them do it. Who are the best 
long-range shooters? Put them on sniping duty. 

> Stick to your teammates. Don't go off by yourself unless there is a tactical 
reason to do so. Note that there is a marker above your teammates' heads to 
tell you if they're on your team. 

> Know what game type you're playing. Not everyone on your team can be 
doing the same thing. They need to take on different tactical roles. Someone 
needs to stay on defense in Capture the Flag (CTF) — if everyone is on offense, 
you won't win. is the gaming center of the universe for the Halo 2 community, 
Halo 2 Clans, and the individual Halo 2 player. is the place to get the 
latest Halo 2 information, to interact with Bungie team, and to buy cool Halo 2 
merchandise at the Bungie Store. is your resource to learn how to be 
a better Halo 2 player. 

If you create a account, you can access the Bungie forums and see 
which ofyourXbox/./Ve friends are online. You can review the stats from the most 
recent Halo 2 games you've played on the Xbox Live service, compare stats with 
friends, and check your current level on the various playlists. 

Clan Support 

Each Halo 2 Clan can have its own page on with a private forum and 
news system. You can interact with other Clan members, review Clan stats, and 
formulate strategies. also includes information on the top Halo 2 Clans. 

The 7th Column 

Discover the 7th Column, Bungie's official fan club and underground army, and 

friends on complete \ 

personal forums, news, and more. 

many great community sites on the 'net I 

Halo Planet ( 
r HBO ( 
> ( 

ilo 2 — here are just a few of the 
ohabetical order): 

> Red vs Blue 

> Subnova (www.subnova.con 

bungie. n 


Additional Engineering 



Damien Neff 

Environment Artist 

Project Lead 

Mission Designers 

Steve Cotton 

Jason Jones 

Tyson Green 

User Interface 

Rob Stokes 

David Candland 

Executive Producer 

Pete Parsons 

Additional Mission Design 

Art Production 

Hardy LeBel 

Paul Clift 

Engineering Leads 

Qtor\hon OL'acaL'i 

Charlie Gough 

jLcpilcil VJKdbdKI 


Chris Butcher 

Cinematic Designer 

Steve Scott 

Michael Evans 

CJ Cowan 

Matte Painting 

Ben Wallace 

Lead 3D & Effects Artist 

Eddie Smith 

Design Leads 

Shi KaiWang 

Audio Lead 

Paul Bertone 

3D Artists 


Jaime Griesemer 

Eric Arroyo 

Sound Designer 

Art Director 

Travis Brady 

C Paul Johnson 

Marcus Lehto 

Robt McLees 

Juan Ramirez 

Test Leads 

Writer, Director of 

Doug Boyce 
Jamie Evans 


Additional 3D Art 

Joseph Staten 

Kelly Rains* 

Zach Russell 

Composer, Audio Director 

Animators, Game 

Test Tools Engineering 

Marty O'Donnell 

& Cinematic 

Aaron Lieberman 

M ulti player & 

Bill O'Brien 
Mike Budd 

Luis Villegas 

User-Interface Lead 

John Butkus 

Roger Wolfson 


Nathan Walpole 

Software Test Engineers 


Additional Animation 

Mike Cody 

Michel Bastien 

Jeremy Fones 

Ryan Hylland 

Hamilton Chu 

Travis Chen, intern 

Stacey Moore 

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Lead Environment Artists Lead 

Test Manager, 

David Dunn 

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Harold Ryan 

Christopher Barrett Team 

Tom Gioconda 


Environment Artists 

Lorraine McLees 


Frank Capezzuto 

Frank O'Connor 

Bernie Freidin 

Vic DeLeon 

Bungie Webmaster 

Bart House 

Tom Doyle 


Damian Isla 

Justin Hayward 


Jason Major 

Paul Russell 

Christopher Barney o 

Eamon McKenzie 

Michael Wu 




Claire Jennings 

Adrian Perez 


Stefan Sinclair 

Additional Single-Player 

Greg Snook 

Environment Art 

Bungie Princesses 


Chris Lee 

Lead Multiplayer 
Environment Artist 

Chris Carnev 

Alta Hartmann 
Amanda Anderson • 

Additional Support 

Kevin Michael Richardson 


Steve Abeyta 

- Tartarus 

The Ant Farm 

David Scully 

User Testing 

- Titles & Trailers 

- Sergeant Johnson 

John Hopson 

J. David Atherton 

Jen Taylor 

Randy Pagulayan 

- Digital Recording 

- Cortana 

Xbox Marketing & PR 


Michael Wincott 

Chuck Blevens 

Dawn Hershey, C.S.A. 

-Prophet of Truth 

Jen Martin 

- Casting Director 

Cameron Payne 

Jim & Esmerelda 

Artificial Intelligence Cast 

Genevieve Waldman 


Ken Boynton 


- Making of Halo 2 

- Brute 



David Cross 

Peter Fitzpatrick 

ReelFX, Creative Studios, 

- Marine 

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Tim Dadabo 

Mitsuru Kitamura 

- Additional Cinematic 

- Marine 

Robert Shih-Wei Lin 


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Jason Shirley 

- Additional Music & 
Audio Production 

Orlando Jones 

Xbox Platform 

-Marine Sergeant 

& Xbox Live 

Steve Vai 

John Kassir 

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- Appears courtesy of Epic 

- Marine 

Michal Bortnik 


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Andy McKage 
- Marine 

Sam Charchian 
Tony Chen 

- Storyboard Artist 
Cinematic Cast 

Marty O'Donnell 
-Jackals, Hunters, & 

Michael Courage 
Brent E.Curtis 

(in alphabetical order) 


Tristan Jackson 

Dee Baker 

Brian Posehn 

Daniel McGillicuddy 

- Gravemind 

- Grunt 

Boyd Multerer 

Julie Benz 
- Miranda Keyes 

Laura Prepon 
- Marine 

Anthony Smith 
Jason Strayer 
Van Van 

Hamilton Camp 

Michelle Rodriguez 

Vail Vail 

- Prophet of Mercy 

— Marine 

Additional Test 

Tim Dadabo 
- 343 Guilty Spark 

David Scully 
- Elite 

Adrian Brown 
Jeremy Fischer 

Domenic Koeplin 

Robert Davi 

Pete Stacker 

Matt Shimabuku 

- SpecOps Leader 

-Marine Sergeant 

Justin Jones 

Keith David 

Joseph Staten 

Manual Design 

- (jruni 


Steve Downes 

Norm Woodel 

- Master Chief 

- Elite 

User Experience 

Robin Atkin Downes 

Caitlin Sullivan 

- Prophet of Regret 

Additional Voices by 

Matt Whiting 

Miguel Ferrer 

The Bungie Auxiliary 

Special thanks: 

- Heretic Leader 

Robbie Bach, Matt Case 

John Michael Higgins 
-2401 Penitent Tangent 

Casting & Voice-Over 

LevChapelski, FASA 

Production Services 

Studios, Ed Fries, 


Nick Gray, Shane Kim, 

Ron Perlman 

Peter Moore, Stuart 

- Lord Hood 

Moulder, Alex Seropian 

One Microsoft Way 

Redmond, WA 98052-9953 USA 

, or Canada, call 1 -800-4MY-XBOX. TTY users: 1 -866-740-XBOX. 








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